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Jul 18, 2018

No incidents reported today.

Jul 17, 2018
Resolved - The problem has been resolved. All orders should be displayed properly as usually in your control panel. All your data is intact and safe. Please check your store.

Thank you for your patience. Again, we deeply apologize for this situation. We are conducting a research to understand why the issue took place and how we can avoid it in the future.
Jul 17, 04:58 UTC
Update - Some merchants may still experience the issue with missing orders in the 'My Sales' section.

We've launched the final task to fully restore our services. This task reindexes orders in the Ecwid stores, which are still affected. It may take time for the task to reach your store.

And after that, all the missing orders will appear in the 'My Sales' section in your Ecwid control panel.

We sincerely apologize for a delayed resolution of the issue. We'll post an update here once this problem is entirely fixed.
Jul 16, 18:35 UTC
Update - Our engineers are continuing to work on resolving the issue with the orders not showing in the 'My Sales' section.

As of now, the fix for part of affected stores has been successfully implemented, and all the orders show up in the 'My Sales' section. We are in the process of applying the required changes for all other stores with the problem.

Please note that all the store data, including the orders, is safe and intact — the issue is only visual. Once the problem is fixed, all the orders will appear in the 'My Sales' section in your Ecwid Control panel.

We'll keep you posted on the progress.
Jul 16, 14:05 UTC
Update - Our engineers are still running a task that makes orders show in the orders list in the 'My sales' section.

In some initially affected stores, orders already appear in the 'My sales' section.

At the moment, our team is trying to identify the current number of affected stores. Based on this data, the further steps to tackle the issue completely will be taken.

We'll keep you posted on any updates.
Jul 16, 11:57 UTC
Identified - Our team has identified the cause of the problem and is working on a fix. Once the fix is rolled out, all the orders will appear in the 'My sales' section of your Ecwid Control panel.

The ETA for the full restoration of the service is around 2 hours. For some merchants, the orders can start showing up in the 'My sales' section earlier than the set ETA.

We'll continue to post all the updates here.
Jul 16, 09:22 UTC
Investigating - The storefronts and control panels are fully operational, yet some recent orders may not show in the 'My sales' section. Please note that all your sales data is intact, and you'll see the orders in 'My sales' section when the problem is fixed. We are working on it urgently.

In the meantime, you can see order details in email notifications. When a customer places an order, you can receive an email notification with the order details. You can find the insruction on how to set up them in the following article:

We are very sorry for the trouble. We’ll post updates here.
Jul 16, 08:35 UTC
Jul 15, 2018

No incidents reported.

Jul 14, 2018

No incidents reported.

Jul 13, 2018

No incidents reported.

Jul 12, 2018
Resolved - Our Engineers have fixed the issue with the affected servers and all the Ecwid Control Panels and Storefronts are loading as normal now.

Please accept our apologies for this issue. All your data are safe and intact. All the Ecwid stores continue functioning as usual.
Jul 12, 00:36 UTC
Investigating - We are experiencing technical issues with some of our servers and some of the Ecwid Control Panels and Storefront may not load or load slowly. It may affect only 17 % of the users. Our Engineering team is already aware and they are working on a fix now.

All your data will be kept intact and safe. Please, accept our apologies for this downtime. We will inform you of the progress here.
Jul 11, 23:00 UTC
Jul 10, 2018

No incidents reported.

Jul 9, 2018

No incidents reported.

Jul 8, 2018

No incidents reported.

Jul 7, 2018

No incidents reported.

Jul 6, 2018

No incidents reported.

Jul 5, 2018
Resolved - The issue with the Square payments gateway has been successfully identified and resolved up to this moment by our engineers.

The Square gateway works fine at the checkout of our stores. All your data is intact and safe.

We apologise for the issue and will continue monitoring the service.
Jul 5, 23:45 UTC
Investigating - This status is only meant for our merchants who use Square payment gateway to accept payments in their stores.

At the moment the Square payment getaway is not available at the checkout. The customers might not be able to finish payments via Square.

Please, accept our apologies for the issue. We are currently on it, investigating — and will post updates here.
In the meantime, you may consider temporarily enabling other payment methods in your store for accepting payments.

Note: the issue does not anyhow affect the store data (orders, products, customers, etc.). All your store data is safe and intact.
Jul 5, 23:12 UTC
Jul 4, 2018

No incidents reported.